Wendy Mullen


Wendy Mullen, LCSW is a leading Southern California therapist servicing the greater Los Angeles area for over 25 years.

Dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health, Wendy’s approach is holistic integrating the highest level of care with evidence-based practices to create a flexible, supportive environment ensuring the best possible outcomes for success.

Wendy received her clinical training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Smith College in Massachusetts while earning her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.

She began her training outside of Boston as a community mental health therapist by day and facilitating addiction support groups at McLean Hospital in the evening.

Her passion for serving those in need led her to provide services for women struggling with addiction to heroin, trauma and generational poverty as well as teenage boys adjucated delinquent by the state.

She combined her talents with a position at a dual diagnosis hospital before deciding to head west to California. After settling in Los Angeles, Wendy integrated cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness to her skill set before accepting a position at UCLA Medical Center where she specialized in clinical social work and healthcare.

During her tenure she provided ongoing support to newly diagnosed patients, those adjusting to chronic illness, and patients receiving life saving treatment through the UCLA Kidney Transplant Program.

Her knowledge of case management and ability to serve as a single point of access to coordinate seamless patient care from inpatient to outpatient settings through multiple admissions set the foundation for her private practice offering comprehensive concierge case management services to clients and their families.

Wendy is a certified professional Life Coach and licensed therapist.

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