Dr. Richard A.M. Powell NMD, PSYD, PHD, APH, CAC, BCN


Dr. Richard Powell is a board-certified neurophysiologist specializing in diagnosing and treating brain trauma and neuronal disorders utilizing holistic non-invasive therapies.

His practices provide care to patients where pharmacological intervention has been unsuccessful.

Dr. Powell graduated from Central States College of Health Sciences with a doctorate in naturopathic medicine and mechanical therapies.

He has completed a doctoral degree in naturopath, oriental medicine and mechanotherapy and a PhD in Jungian psychology and a second PhD in nutrition.

Dr. Powell holds certifications in personal fitness training, health, wellness and life coaching and neurobiofeedback. He serves as an adjunct professor and a global neurophysiology instructor.

He is fellowship trained in medical acupuncture, bioenergetic medicine and functional medicine.

Dr. Powell is a published writer (Press the Fix Me Button), health/wellness and life coach.

Over the past five years he has been working with a team of professors, engineers and specialist in the field of neurophysiology and signal processing to develop EEG artifacting software to be utilized by neurologists, neurotherapists and other physicians who utilize Electroencephalography to diagnose neuronal disorders.

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